E-Paper Pro

The ultimate epaper solution for printed newspapers/magazine

IQL E-paper pro is a complete suite for giving your readers best experience in reading newspaper/magazine and to make profit out of it. It highlights news separately and allows easy sharing on social media platforms.

E-paper Pro is a user-friendly software for newspapers and magazines. Readers get as same experience as print newspaper. Readers can also hover their mouse over different news in a single page which when clicked will be opened in a separate window. This window will allow readers to read news separately and can be shared on different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Other Features of E-Paper Pro:

·         Easy to upload and share

·         Hosting on your own domain

·         Free Automatic Updates

·         Multiple Sizes

·         Responsive user interface

·         Push notifications to subscribers

·         Search Engine friendly

·         Integration of login process

·         Progressive web app- provides app-like experience

·         Create area maps of newspaper pages with our Area Map Editor.

·         Link different parts of stories with our Area Map Linking.

·         Easily customizable e-paper website with Page Designer tool

·         Free 1 year updates & upgrades

·         PDF to JPEG converter

·         XML Sitemap

·         Language support

·         Platform independent- Compatible with any device and internet browsers.

·         Online Documentation & Support

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